Step-by-Step Registration:

1. Choose your modality of registration (A. Online / B. Face-to-Face)

2. Complete the Pre-Registration Form.

3. Pay online or by bank transfer to complete your registration (follow the payment instructions below).

4. Send the proof of payment to the email:

A. ONLINE Registration (not attending in person - "Zoom" participation - 300 attendees):

- Fee: 100 american dollars

B. FACE-TO-FACE Registration (for attendance in person):

- 1º Early Bird registration fee (before MAY 31, 2022)

   300 american dollars (including gala dinner & tourism)

- 2º Early Bird registration fee (between June 1 and July 1, 2022):

   400 american dollars (including gala dinner & tourism)

- Late registration fee (after July 1, 2022):

   500 american dollars (including gala dinner & tourism)

- The Hotel room is not included. For Hotel booking see below.

Step-by-Step Registration:


2. Link to Online Payment (click here to pay by credit card)*


2. Pay by Bank Transfer*

3. Send proof of payment to email:

* IMPORTANT: About step 2, the payment process by webpay and bank transfer will be enabled soon. In the meantime you can complete the pre-registration form.

** If after your "Online registration", you decide to attend in person, you will only have to pay the difference corresponding to the 1º Early Bird registration fee (face-to-face).

*** In the event that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the face-to-face conference cannot be organized, the difference in payment corresponding to the face-to-face registration will be returned, ensuring online participation.


- "Enjoy Pucon" (Gran Hotel Pucón)

- Book through "Booking" (click here)

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