Pucón is a city in the Lake District in the central zone of Chile, is located on the eastern shore of Lake Villarrica, stands out as the most important lake resort in Chile, with a great seasonal activity in the summer.  The snow-capped volcano Villarrica rises above it. It is a center for adventure tourism and is known for its national parks, and the access to hiking trails, water sports, rapids and kayaking, as well as skiing and snowboarding. The terrain that surrounds it goes from beaches on the shores of a lake to temperate tropical forests. In the nearby wooded valleys there are natural hot springs. The rural area has the attraction of ever snowy volcanic cones, fagaceous and coniferous forests, and a large number of torrential rivers, some of which house drawers, waterfalls, waterfalls and rapids.


The city of Pucon is located just one hour from the city of Temuco, capital of the Araucanía Region, where the University of La Frontera is located, institution that houses the Plastination Laboratory that I coordinate. We have experience in the organization of Anatomy Conferences, as well as in the organization of plastination workshops, organizing this year 2018 the second version. In the city of Pucón, one block from its central square, there is a seat of the University of La Frontera, where we want to hold the 20th International Plastination Conference. We believe that the great natural attractions of Pucon will be very interesting to host this important event.


In addition, Temuco has an airport that has more than 5 regular flights per day to the city of Santiago de Chile, capital of Chile, airport of access to the country. In addition, the airport of Temuco is only 45 minutes from the city of Pucon, so the arrival in the city of Pucon is really very comfortable for all international visitors.

Average Weather in July in Pucón​

Average Weather in July in Temuco