Deadline for submission: April 30, 2022.


Please send the abstract as an attachment to nicolas.ottone@ufrontera.cl in doc or “docx” format.

The scientific committee will evaluate the abstract. If approved, poster and short oral presentations will be allowed.


Instructions to prepare the abstract:

a. The theme of the abstract should be plastination, anatomical techniques, anatomy and related areas.
b. Should be written in Spanish or English.
c. The title should be in capital letters followed by the names of the authors, department affiliation, and name of the institution, city and country. 
d. The name of the presenter should be underlined.
f. The abstract should contain Introduction, Material and Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusions. 
g. Should be typed in Arial, size 12 single spaces.
h. Maximum number of characters should not exceed 300 words.

Sample of Abstract:

Abstract Sample to be presented during the 20th International Conference on Plastination.

Title: Use of Plastination Specimens to teach Anatomy and Pathology to Underserved Populations
Affiliations: 1 Palmer, J.D; 2 Jones, M. L.; Smith, A.S - 1 Department of Anatomy, Siracuse University, New York, USA 2 Department of Cell Biology, University of Frankfurt, Germany.

Introduction: The purpose of the study.
Material and Method: A short explanation of the method used to develop the study, including statistical analysis.
Results: Results of the study including statistical analysis of the data.

Discussion: Contrast the results of your investigation with the studies of other researchers.

Conclusions: Conclusions of the study.
Grant support: mentioned in the last line.

References: Minimum of 5 references.


Instructions for Preparation of the Poster:

Title: Arial Font size 70 or larger 
Below title, the names of the authors and their affiliation such as department, institution, city, country  in Arial font size 60. The name of the presenter should be underlined
Body of the Poster: Font Arial size 28 and several illustrations. Poster should be in English
Dimensions: 36” wide, 48” high  (90 cm X 110 cm).

Instructions for Preparation of the Short Oral Presentation:

Prepare your presentation in Power Point (.ppt or .pptx).

There are no limit in the number of slices.

The time of presentation will be 10 minutes (with 5 minutes of questions).

Instructions for Preparation of the "ONLINE" Short Oral Presentation:

- You must record your presentation on video (.mp4 or .wmv).

- Presentation format: Power Point (.ppt or .pptx) or similar.

- The format and design characteristics are decided by the authors.

- The cover must have the title in Spanish and English, followed by the authors and their affiliations.

- They must include the following sections:

   Introduction, Material and Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Bibliographic references.

- You can include figures, tables, videos, and any other resource.

- The maximum presentation time will be 10 minutes.

- During the session, the video will be screened and then the presenting author must be present to answer questions from the committee.